Streams in the Desert…

Psalm 91 Fund recipient shares this story:
I spent my entire childhood at All Angels’, but now find myself in that “I’m-in-college-and-don’t-attend-church-regularly” kind of phase. Still, All Angels’ has always felt like a home to me. My faith probably doesn’t look the same as other parishioners, but I still always feel welcome and loved. When COVID happened I, like many others, suddenly lost my source of income. I was hesitant to apply to the Psalm 91 relief fund—I felt like I didn’t fit the requirements. But then I was reminded that All Angels’ will always be my home, and when my request was granted a huge weight was lifted both financially and spiritually. It was a wonderful reminder that at All Angels’ everyone is known and loved, no matter what your individual faith journey looks like. I am so grateful to All Angels’ for being there during this crisis both by helping me financially, and reminding me that there is a place where I am truly known and welcome, even after all these years.

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