Summer 2022 Campership Program

Dear All Angels’ Families,

Like many churches of its day, All Angels’ Church operated a farm encampment outside of the city as a fresh air getaway from 1901-1954. After the Farm was sold, a fund was created to be used as a fresh air fund for the mothers and children of All Angels’ Church. Fast forward to today, the All Angels’ Farm funds many projects that connect All Angels’ families to fresh air experiences outside of the city. One of them is their campership program. Other funded projects include youth retreats, youth mission trips, and parish retreats.

This year, All Angels’ Farm will reimburse up to $4,000 per child to attend summer camps of their choosing. These funds are available for both day-camps and sleep-away camps, and may be used for more than one camp. 

Click on the link to access the application form to apply for funds: .

To qualify for these funds, children and youth must be actively engaged in the life of All Angels’ Church. We recognize that some active families are new to the church, while COVID has forced others to step back for a season. If you unsure about your child’s eligibility, please submit an application anyway, or send an email to, the Treasurer of the fund, if you have questions. We are aiming for generosity. The Director of Children and Youth Ministries, Mary Ellen Lehmann, will assist us in determining eligibility. 

We will begin to send reimbursement checks to parents starting April 18, 2022 and continuing through the summer months. We will attempt to send checks promptly following your completed application (generally within a 2 to 3 week period).

Please Note: It is necessary that a copy of a paid receipt from the camp be emailed to for at least the amount of the reimbursement to the parent. This receipt may be sent before OR after reimbursement is received by the parent and is needed to maintain proper records of the use of All Angels Farm funds.– 

Kind regards,


The Rev. James Andrew Lawrence

Associate Priest | All Angels Church, Manhattan


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