Information on Digital Worship for March 29, 2020

Dear Friends,

Please join us for live streamed worship this Sunday at 10 AM. We will worship according to a liturgy based on the Kenyan Rite, which is the normal order of worship for our 5:00 PM service (with a few adaptations for Lent). We will begin live streaming from the church at 9:45 AM.

We invite you to stream the service through our Facebook LIVE page. We are encouraging participation through Facebook if possible, as Facebook offers the ability for live interaction (both with us, and with each other) during the service. If you are not able to access Facebook, we will also be streaming the service live on YouTube.

Both platforms for livestream worship, as well as the bulletin, can be accessed from our homepage on

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Information on Digital Worship for Sunday, March 22nd

Dear Friends,

Click here for All Angels Facebook LIVE page
Click here for 10 AM Eucharist worship booklet

In a time of social distancing, we are providing the following ways to worship with us digitally this coming Sunday, March 22nd:

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All Angels Church Suspends Worship Services Indefinitely

Dear Friends,

It was a truly blessed day at All Angels Church, as almost a hundred and fifty gathered together through three worship services, and dozens more checked in online. I can report that in the church itself we successfully practiced the sanitation protocols for COVID-19 that we established last week, and maintained good social distancing throughout the day. More importantly, God was present. The Spirit moved. And life was offered to many. It was truly good for the people of God to be in the house of the Lord.