Psalm 91 Relief Fund

Beloved in Christ,

In just a few short weeks, the coronavirus outbreak has brought about a staggering amount of suffering and dislocation in our city and around the world. Yet amid our collective fear and uncertainty, Psalm 91 rings out with the assurance of God’s protection and deliverance:

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How to Help the Homeless During COVID-19.

We’re ready for you!

Dear Friends,

THANK YOU for all the ways you’ve supported Community Ministries these last two weeks! You have been an encouragement to our team as we quickly learn how to adjust our programming to meet the needs of those who have minimal resources due to the new coronavirus. Discerning the best way to show love and care to the homeless in the midst of the pandemic has been challenging, but we have made significant progress. Collaboration with like-minded organizations, combined with the gifts and talents of our community, has given us great vision for how to move forward.

But we’re going to take it one step at a time. We are still unsure about both our capacity for care, and about what is most helpful to the homeless community (physically, emotionally, spiritually) during this time. 

Nonetheless, we are happy to add shower services to our programming starting next week! Every Tuesday and Thursday, guests can now receive showers, medical/psychiatric care, social services, and mail from 8am-2pm. 

Information on Digital Worship for March 29, 2020

Dear Friends,

Please join us for live streamed worship this Sunday at 10 AM. We will worship according to a liturgy based on the Kenyan Rite, which is the normal order of worship for our 5:00 PM service (with a few adaptations for Lent). We will begin live streaming from the church at 9:45 AM.

We invite you to stream the service through our Facebook LIVE page. We are encouraging participation through Facebook if possible, as Facebook offers the ability for live interaction (both with us, and with each other) during the service. If you are not able to access Facebook, we will also be streaming the service live on YouTube.

Both platforms for livestream worship, as well as the bulletin, can be accessed from our homepage on

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Real Talk with Mary Ellen: At Home in Strange Times

I’m having every emotion. I neither want to be affirmed that every emotion is normal nor am I going to lay some empty empathy on you that no matter what you are feeling it is…O.K.  We are way outside the bell curve, people. If your child has had a birthday in the last six months, they’ve (hopefully) received a birthday note from me riffing on the Jeremiah 29:11 verse about the Lord knowing the plans he has for us, good plans to prosper us, and so on.  In a million years, none of us considered this plan. 

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URGENT – Please Connect With a House Church

Dear Friends,

It’s been a tough few weeks. But, by all accounts, things are just going to get tougher. Already, we are at a place where the pastoral care needs for our parish are stretching our staff capacity, especially in the midst of new ministries and new learning. This will increase exponentially over the coming weeks and months.

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