Launching Into 2018

Dear All Angels’ Family,

Christmas 2017 seems a long time ago. There is a sense of energy and excitement as we head full throttle into our 2018 program. This week we are launching two new initiatives that we want to make sure you are aware of:

  • Our sermon series on the Book of Acts. From now until the end of June, we shall be looking at the Early Church and asking how the lessons they learned as they changed the world can be applied to All Angels’ in 2018. This will be a challenging series. We encourage you to commit to coming every week and, if you are unable, to listen to the sermon on our website or iTunes podcast.

There will also be opportunities to engage in action resulting from the teaching. This Sunday the Missions Committee will be sharing and inviting us to rethink our engagement with missions. We will pick this theme up again as we journey through Acts.

  • We launch the Self-Study survey which is part of our search for a new Rector. The Search Committee met for three and a half hours last week and agreed on a survey to be sent to all those actively engaged with All Angels’. More details are below.

In addition we encourage you to continue with or join the Bible Project’s excellent Read Scripture schedule, which includes 3-4 chapters of Scripture and a Psalm daily. It is very exciting. Things to note this week:

  • Cards with each day’s readings for the month will be available in the back of the sanctuary. Please feel free to take one.
  • David Larrabee will be leading a discussion on how the reading is going in the Whiting Room at 11:30 after Sunday morning worship. We invite you to join in.
  • We have started an All Angels’ blog where along with reflections on the readings, we will post follow-up thoughts on the Acts sermon series, share what we’re thinking about these days, give book recommendations, and much more. Details below.
  • Talk about the readings with other church members. What did you learn? What was challenging?

Above all, please be steeped in prayer. The next few months will be crucial to the future of this church. We will either move forward in unity into God’s next phase for us or we could slip into disunity if we take our eyes away from Jesus. Let us fix ourselves on him.


Jim and Christine

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