All Angels’ Weekly Update – August 23rd

**Click here for this week’s worship bulletin**

  1. The Rev. John Schmidt’s first sermon
  2. Moving to Morning Prayer until September 6th
  3. Livestream Worship Survey
  4. New Wednesday Evening Class: Worship in the Anglican Tradition
  5. “Priests on Zoom Getting Coffee” season finale
  6. All Angels hiring PT Communications Assistant
  7. Psalm 91 funds still available

The Rev. John Schmidt’s First Sermon

This Sunday, our new Associate Rector John Schmidt steps into the pulpit at All Angels Church for the first time. His sermon, entitled “That New York Moment.” We will take a look at Romans 12 and ponder together what Paul might mean by the phrase “present yourself as a living sacrifice.” Not just as an individual, but as an entire community during pandemic. In a culture that values individuality, success, and power, how might we, as a church, choose to live differently, being many parts unified as one body in Christ?

Moving to Morning Prayer until September 6th

This past Sunday, we announced our intention to start using the office of Morning Prayer as our principle Sunday morning worship service. This will begin on Sunday (August 16) and continue for the next four weeks until the end of summer (September 6). During that time, we will also host a series of conversations to help deepen our understanding and appreciation both for worship in the Anglican tradition generally, and Morning Prayer in particular Through these discussions, we hope to hear from many of you about our hopes for worship at All Angels as we launch into a new program year on September 13.

For more information on this decision, click here.

We would really value your feedback as we seek to improve your experience of online church. We don’t want to do online worship forever, but while we are doing it, we want it to be as good as possible.

The results of this survey will be collated and shared with the staff team and the vestry. The results will guide our planning over the summer and inform the shape of the service come this fall. We welcome honest feedback: if filling out the form raises questions for you please don’t hesitate to contact the clergy directly for further discussion.

Please fill this quick 10-minute survey and let us know your thoughts. This is an anonymous survey unless you give us your name (there’s an option to do that at the end).

This coming week, we begin a new Wednesday evening class entitled: “Worship in the Anglican Tradition.” As we experience a new liturgy on Sunday mornings, and as we discern how God is calling us to worship this Fall, we want all that we do to be grounded in the Anglican tradition. Thankfully, the Anglican tradition is broad, and holds space for a variety of different expressions of faith.

It’s commonly said that there are “three streams” in which the waters of Anglicanism run: (1) a “Protestant” stream; (2) an “Anglo-Catholic” stream; and (3) a “Charismatic stream.” For the next three weeks, from August 26th to September 9th, we will have three guest speakers join us via Zoom on Wednesday evenings at 6 PM to talk about each of these three streams.

More information on our speakers can be found below. RSVP to to join. 
August 26th–The Rt. Rev. Greg O. Brewer, Bishop of Central Florida, will speak about “Charismatic Anglicanism” and his experience in the Episcopal renewal movement.

September 2nd–The Rev. Dr. Matthew Olver, Professor of Liturgics and Pastoral Theology at Nashotah House Theological Seminary, will speak about “Anglo-Catholicism.”

September 9th–The Rev. Dr. Jono Linebaugh (returns!), Professor of New Testament at Cambridge University (UK), on “The Protestant Face of Anglicanism.”

The Rt. Rev. Greg O. Brewer, Bishop of Central Florida, will speak on August 26th about Charismatic Anglicanism and his experience in the Episcopal renewal movement.
The Rev. Dr. Matthew Olver, Professor of Liturgics and Pastoral Theology at Nashotah House Theological Seminary, will speak on September 2nd about Anglo-Catholicism.
The Rev. Dr. Jonathan (“Jono”) Linebaugh, Professor of New Testament at Cambridge University (UK), will speak on September 9th about “The Protestant Face of Anglicanism.”

We have consolidated all our adult education and prayer services into one hour on Wednesday evenings. Please RSVP to for the Zoom link. Hope you can join us!

Praying During Social Isolation–“Season Finale”Season One of the new smash hit “Priests on Zoom Getting Coffee” came to an end this week. To watch the final episode, click the link below.

Miss the season finale? Click the link above as John and Jimmy bring this chapter to its end.

We’re hiring a Part Time Communications and Administrative Assistant! Please check out the job description here  If you or someone you know has these skills and is interested, please apply or share the link with your friend.  

For those needing financial relief in the midst of this pandemic, there are still funds available in our Psalm 91 benevolence fund. We encourage you to reach out. These funds are here to help.

You can apply for assistance by filling out this form and emailing it to

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