Streams in the Desert…

Rebecca VanderMeulen, with her nephew, shares an expression of gratitude as part of our Streams in the Desert project: 

“I only came to seven or eight services at All Angels’ before COVID changed this all. But I give thanks for the opportunity to continue to get to know the All Angels’ community, even in the midst of physical distancing.  It has been an honor to be in a Prayer Pod in which we honestly share our distinct experiences of a common reality. I’m eager to meet my fellow Prayer-Podders face-to-face for the first time. I’ve appreciated all the teaching sessions, especially the honest dialogue in the “Expanding our We” series. (An added benefit of zoom for me has been that people come with nametags!)”

Where are you seeing the encouragement of God’s presence? Tell us your story in writing or video and send it to  

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