All Angels’ Weekly Update (June 7th)–Important Changes

Nevertheless She Preached

This Sunday our guest preacher will be the Rev. Natalie Webb, co-founder and co-director of Nevertheless She Preached. She is also the Associate Pastor of at the First Baptist Church of Worcester, Massachusetts and a doctoral candidate at Baylor University. Following worship, we will meet for our monthly Rector’s Forum on Zoom. During this Rector’s Forum, Natalie will tell us more about her ministry with Nevertheless She Preached, and interact with any questions you may have.

To join us for the Rector’s Forum, please RSVP to Hope to see you then!

Things have been hectic over the past few months, as the life of our community has moved online in the midst of the pandemic. We’ve been inspired by the way this church has embraced the transition. We also know that many of you are tired. Many on our staff are tired too.

We are committed to staying available to you and for your needs. We know this summer will bring some strange challenges, especially for our Children & Youth and our Community Ministries participants. We promise, we won’t leave you without help.

At the same time, we also know that whenever it is that we begin to start moving back toward in-person public worship, it will take a heavy lift from both our staff and volunteers. Because of this, we want to take some time to “throttle down” before we have to start “throttling up.”

Among the immediate changes we are planning are (1) reducing the number of weekly e-mails and (2) consolidating our weekly prayer into one midweek gathering night (Wednesday). We will keep you up to date on all other changes as we phase out a few ministries through the summer.

As we slow down for the summer, the first step we’re taking isto consolidate all our weekly adult education classes and prayer services into one hour on Wednesday evenings. Each Wednesday we’ll say a half hour evening prayer service, following by a half hour study.

During the month of June our prayer service will be the Litany for the Dead we began last week. The thirty minute class will be one Zoom with Dr. Kris Norris, Visiting Professor at Virginia Theological Seminary in D.C. Dr. Norris’ class will be called “Witnessing Whiteness,” the title of his recently released book.

Both the prayer service and the study will take place on Zoom. Please RSVP to to participate. Hope you can join us!

As we begin to grapple with all that’s happening around us, I’m inviting us to start with what the church has traditionally called “self-examination.” More specifically, we are going to spend the weeks of June deconstructing the ways in which Christianity in America has been entangled with ideologies and systems of white supremacy.

Our guide for this study will be Dr. Kris Norris, author of Witnessing Whiteness: Confronting White Supremacy in the American Church. Dr. Norris is a Visiting professor at Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, VA and a consultant for the Center for Public Theology at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington DC.

Over the three weeks of this study, we’ll ask the following questions:

1) What is whiteness? (June 10th)
2) Where did it come from? (June 17th)
3) What can I do about it? (June 24th)

Both the prayer service and the study will take place on Zoom. Please RSVP to to participate. Hope you can join us!

For those needing financial relief in the midst of this pandemic, there are still funds available in our Psalm 91 benevolence fund. We encourage you to reach out. These funds are here to help.

You can apply for assistance by filling out this form and emailing it to

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