A Litany for the Dead – Wednesday, 8 PM

“This Is America. We need change.”
A call to action from parishoner Elie Cacciatore
Join us THIS Wednesday, June 3rd @ 8PM

Dear Church,

Our nation is grieving right now. And, I know, because I’m hearing from many of you, that our church is grieving too.

We want to hold space for that grief. With that in mind, we’ll be saying a short service of Evening Prayer tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 8 PM, during which we’ll say a litany of remembrance and repentance for victims of police violence.

We’ll also invite your prayers and intercessions during this time. It won’t be the last time we come before God on this issue, but it will give us a start as we wrestle with all that we’re seeing in the world around us.

See you then.


Artwork by parishioner Sam Wedelich.
Artwork by parishioners Joshua and Micah Clayton.

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