Community Ministries Update 5/14/20

When people ask, “how are our friends doing?”, the answer really depends on who we’re talking about and which phase of the pandemic we’re in. These days, most of our friends are okay. They are resilient. They are resourceful. They are fiercely independent. And they have a God who loves them endlessly. In his love, they are provided for and protected from harm. 

Carlos is one of many who persevered and now has a temporary hotel room provided by the city (yes, that’s a real thing!). Others are accepting assistance from street outreach teams and drop-in centers (yes, they’re doing their part, too!). Some friends have reconnected with family and have even returned home. And others yet have found new ways to adjust to life on the streets. Yet, as much as we do know about our friends, and as much data as we have collected about the current state of homelessness, there are still a lot of unknowns. Those are the situations and people we’re simply praying the best for.

You might know that our friends in Community Ministries are pretty camera shy. Some of that is from the same jitters that keeps me and you from posing in front of the camera. The hesitation also comes from not wanting to be exploited, known only by their circumstance, or having their situation revealed on social media platforms. Nonetheless, we’re slowly collecting photos and videos of our friends saying “hello” to you, too. How are they doing, you ask? They miss All Angels’ and they miss all of you! Even if they don’t know you by name, you mean more to them than you know.

Peace & Joy, 

The Community Ministries Team

*If you still have a video to share for the Pathways Greeting Project, upload it to this Google folder here:

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