Community Ministries Update 5/14/20

How They’re Doing.

This is Carlos. We’re used to seeing him passionately play the hand drums with our worship team during the 10am and 5pm worship services, now we see him at the front window of the church through these steel bars (dramatic…I know!). And yet, despite the circumstances and despite the distance between us, his smile is just as big as it ever was. The excitement and love shared between us is as real as it ever was. For weeks, we hadn’t seen Carlos. With cell phone numbers frequently changing or phones suddenly shut off, it’s hard for us to stay in touch with many of our friends during these times. For weeks, we were concerned about Carlos’ wellbeing–“where is he staying?” “is he sick?” “does he need anything?” “does he know we’re still here for him?”. This wasn’t just the case for Carlos, but for so many of our friends from CM programs and the 5pm service. While there are a handful of people we can call, most contact with our friends happens by simply being present at the church. During these strange times, even if they aren’t coming for crisis care or social services, our friends come by to say “hello” and tell us how they’re doing. Or, they send their friends with a message to give us…

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