Community Ministries Special Project!

Bridging The Divide.

Among the most valuable ministries that take place around All Angels’ Church is the real relational connections made between individuals experiencing homelessness and those who aren’t. We’re reminded each week in evening worship that “Christ is the host, and we are his guests.” All of us, together and on the exact same footing of Grace, belong together because of the reconciling work of God in Christ Jesus. But we can’t all be together right now, and present circumstances have changed the ways we’re able to connect and interact with one another. With this in mind, we want to try bridging the distance between our Pathways guests, in particular, and the rest of the All Angels’ Church community with a special project. (*Note: approximately 60% of our Pathways guests also attend Sunday worship services, 3:45pm Bible study and/or overnight shelteryou’re more familiar with them than you might think!).

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