This Sunday at All Angels Church – April 26

Kenyan Rite Worship This Sunday

Please join us for live streamed worship this Sunday at 10 AM. We will worship according to a liturgy based on the Kenyan Rite, which is the normal order of worship for our 5:00 PM service. Now that Lent is over, we have brought back the “Gloria” and the blessing using some special virtual elements. We will begin live streaming from the church at 9:45 AM.

As per our new normal, we will stream the service through our Facebook LIVE page. We are encouraging participation through Facebook if possible, as Facebook offers the ability for live interaction (both with us, and with each other) during the service. If you are not able to access Facebook, we will also be streaming the service live on YouTube.

Both platforms for livestream worship, as well as the bulletin, can be accessed from our homepage on

Christ for Today: The Humanity of God

In the first week of our series listening to 20th and 21st century voices on Jesus’ question–“Who Do you Say that I Am?”–we will be hearing from theologian Karl Barth. Though an Evangelical Christian, Barth was called by Pope Pius XII “the greatest theologian since Thomas Aquinas.” His twelve volume Church Dogmatics is among the most significant theological treatises ever written.

Barth was also the leader of the “Confessing Church,” the German Christian resistance movement that arose in opposition to Nazi Germany, and the author of the “Barmen Declaration,” which articulated the theological vision for this movement. Because of this, he’s been an important resource for Christians seeking justice for the marginalized and oppressed. At bottom, Barth’s theology called for a return to the centrality of Christ in all things, especially as revealed in the Bible.

This Sunday, we’ll talk about how Barth’s vision for justice was built on and around his commitment to the centrality fo Jesus, especially in his doctrine of the “Humanity of God.”

Bridging the Divide

Among the most valuable ministries that take place around All Angels’ Church is the real relational connections made between individuals experiencing homelessness and those who aren’t. We’re reminded each week in evening worship that “Christ is the host, and we are his guests.” All of us, together and on the exact same footing of Grace, belong together because of the reconciling work of God in Christ Jesus. But we can’t all be together right now, and present circumstances have changed the ways we’re able to connect and interact with one another. With this in mind, we want to try bridging the distance between our Pathways guests, in particular, and the rest of the All Angels’ Church community with a special project. (*Note: approximately 60% of our Pathways guests also attendSundayworship services, 3:45pm Bible study and/or overnight shelteryou’re more familiar with them than you might think!).

Pathways is open for showers and other select services on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and we’d like to welcome our guests with a playlist of video greetings made by you! Here’s how to participate: 

1. Film yourself and/or your family offering a greeting to Pathways guests. Be sure to… 

  • Introduce yourself for those who may not know you already
  • Share a brief word of greeting and/or blessing in the form of a word, song, or image
  • Give shoutouts to specific friends! 
  • Use landscape (wide) video mode instead of portrait (tall), so it fits our screen for playback

2. Share your video with us by uploading it to this Google folder:

3. Optionally, post your video to social media and use the hashtags #pathwaysgreetings#allangelschurch to help others find them. 

We’re excited to try this new way of connecting with each other. Can’t wait to see what you send in!

On Sunday mornings, prior to our 10 AM livestream worship, parishioner Jen Knight is leading a contemplative prayer group via Zoom. This is a rich time of slowing down, stilling our hearts, and attending to the loving presence of God that surrounds us. For those looking for new ways to connect with God and one another, we invite you to join.

To participate in the Sunday 9am Contemplative prayer group via Zoom, register here:

Expanding Our We

Sundays @ 3:45 PM on Zoom
e-mail to register

It’s not too late to join us for this great class, led by our “Scholar-in-Residence,” the Rev. Dr. Courtney Bryant. Things got off to a great start last week, as we discussed whether we were “Maximalists” or “Minimalists” in our understanding of God. Our study continues this week with a discussion on Christian Community and “The Power of Privilege.”  If you missed it, and still want to join, e-mail for last week’s slide show presentation and to register for the coming weeks.

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