Easter Weekend

This weekend we remember…

…the greatest tragedy in human history, our world’s darkest hour, when the Son of God was put to death on a cross. Over the next two days, we’ll have two services that will help us relive that story, and feel again the weight of that great sacrifice, which won for us a greater salvation.

Good Friday, April 10th @ 7 PM — During Good Friday worship, we commemorate our Lord’s crucifixion and death at Calvary. Though Jesus had spoken of his death and resurrection, his followers were left in utter dismay as they watched their master suffer and die at the hands of the powers of the world. No hope remained at the end of that day.

Holy Saturday, April 11th @ 10 AM — Our Holy Saturday service is a short, contemplative prayer service. In the service, we reflect on the tragic moment where Christ lies dead in the tomb. On this morning, we sit in the darkness and silence of the time “in between,” as we wait for God to act.

Easter Sunday Worship

On Easter Sunday, we will have one virtual worship service at 10 AM. You can access it through Facebook LIVE or on our website at allangelschurch.com 

There is a long history of reflection in the Christian tradition about how absence and departure can actually open up into greater forms of presence and intimacy. Though we will be physically distant this Easter, we’ll be doing a lot to help us feel socially connected. Tune in for some surprises, a few shared stories, and a couple special visits from friends you might be missing.

Maundy Thursday Worship

For those who missed our Maundy Thursday worship service, you can find a link to a YouTube video of the service here. It is also available on the homepage of our website at http://www.allangelschurch.com.

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