Children & Youth Update

March 31, 2020

Dear All Angels’ Family,

Now that many of you attend the church of Andrew Cuomo weekdays at 11:30, let me be clear and outline that I am dealing with  facts in this letter.  Just the facts.  If you want my opinion, you’ll need to read my new blog entry posted here.

Has anyone else joined the church of Cuomo? Yesterday I put on a nice Sunday dinner…because the Governor said so.  You ask me where do I see God at work in this crisis? One clear way is how God is using the Governor…who was not all that likable pre-CV19, to be an effective advocate for New Yorkers, all with his Italian dad accent and demeanor.

Over the last three weeks,  Jack  and Mary Ellen provided over 25 zoom gatherings where children and youth met for fellowship, instruction and prayer.  We adjust offerings in real time, responding to kids and parents’ sense of what best meets needs.  We are seeing an increase in the numbers of kids joining in.

OK.  I’ll take questions now.

Q: Do you see virtual offerings continue even after life gets back to normal?
A: We had started to experiment with zoom meet-ups; maybe that’s why we could pivot relatively quickly.  I imagine the good aspects we will want to preserve ongoing. 

Q: Do all the children have access to screens? Are they able to manage technology?
A: The littlest children attend with parents; they need help.  We are probably relieved that three year olds can’t yet mute mics, use the chat box, LOL. Over 7? Kids are managing alone just fine.  Sometimes kids share a screen in the family.

Q: What about cyber safety? How are you sure creeps aren’t eavesdropping?
A: There is a small risk by having publicly posted zoom links on the website calendar.  But we are using an “admission” protocol that requires the zoom host to “admit” each person as they log in. 

OK everybody; it’s time to get back to work.

Mary Ellen

C&Y Zoom Gathering, Open, Admission by Mary Ellen:

Children’s Worship 9:30 Sunday Mornings

Children’s Night Time Prayers 7:30 Mondays

Children’s Night Time Prayers 7:30 Thursdays
C&Y Zoom Gathering, Open to Group Members, Admitted by Host
(ask Mary Ellen and Jack for invitation links)

Sunday School for 1st/2nd Grade (and younger siblings) 11:30 AM Sundays

Sunday School for 3rd/4th/5th Grades with Erin & JB, 11:30 AM Sundays

Junior High Youth Group, Sundays 12:30 PM

Senior High Youth Group, Sundays 5:00 PM

Teen Girls’ Bible Study, Wednesdays, 6:00 PM with Kate Ricci Sanchez

Finally, use this link to complete a Contact Form enabling All Angels’ to connect with you during the Covid-19 Crisis.

Author: Mary Ellen Lehmann

Director of Children & Youth Ministries at All Angels' Church in New York City. Mary Ellen and her husband, Mike, have been married 30 years, and have four children. Several of them are adults.

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