Loving the Homeless in a Pandemic: Pt.2

Each week at our Sunday shelter, we are reminded of what it means to find Sabbath rest. We rest not just our bodies on shelter-grade mattresses, or our minds from daily toil. We also rest our spirits, as we collectively lay our burdens at the feet of a Loving Father. We rest as we–sometimes nervously, always earnestly– worship the Almighty King. After a long and disorienting week, with the refuge of homeless outreach programs and public spaces disappearing with every passing hour, 18 men and 7 women from our community gathered at All Angels’ to rest with one another. It was an intimate, vulnerable, and heartwarming evening. For those of you who watched the Evening Prayer livestream, it was special to have you with us! After rounds of applause and expressions of gratitude from our shelter community for being “the last place to stay open”, you can only imagine how challenging it was to put our programs on pause for the next two weeks…

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