All Angels’ Coronavirus Response FAQ’s

Beloved in Christ,

I’ve been grateful to receive a number of e-mails from members of our congregation over the past few days. Many have offered encouragement and support, and this has been appreciated. Some have offered feedback and advice, and this has been helpful in continuing to inform our developing perspective. We’ve also been asked a number of questions, and I try to answer some of the main ones here.

As you read the below, I’d like to emphasize one thing for you to keep in mind: I love you, and support you, no matter what. The decisions we have made about our common life have been painstaking. We have tried to walk a fine line between our absolute commitment to health and safety, and our deep knowledge and conviction that our services (worship, and otherwise) meet vital needs for our community. Thus, I have tried to carve out at least some space for you to make the decisions that would help you find as much comfort as these times allow. I’m happy we’ve done this, and feel at peace with where we’ve landed for now. As it is an ever evolving situation, we will also be constantly re-evaluating.

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